Dr. Silkiss and her staff are committed to providing the best care possible for patients. We extend ourselves to be available to our patients, listen to our patient’s needs, and tailor patient care to fulfill those needs to the best of our abilities. Dr. Silkiss has practiced Oculofacial Plastic Surgery for over two decades and is very committed to providing excellent outcomes for her patients.


We ask that patients understand and acknowledge that there are limitations to the technologies that exist, and that there are some risks to surgery and procedures. These risks include but are not limited to: bleeding, infection, damage to the eye or eyelid, overcorrection, undercorrection, and the need for additional or revision surgery. There is the remote risk of vision loss. These risks are rare, but patients need to be informed of these possibilities even though they may be improbable.


There is also the possibility of unrealized expectations, particularly when those expectations are unlimited or unrealistic. This is an “expectation risk”. Dr. Silkiss make a practice of explaining the likely outcome of a procedure or surgery, along with the caveats of surgery. It is important that a patient’s expected vision of the outcome of a surgery or procedure be aligned with realistic outcomes. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss these in detail with Dr. Silkiss.