Dr. Rona Silkiss and Dr. Kasra Eliasieh are experts in oculofacial plastic, reconstructive and orbital surgery. This is a highly specialized area of plastic surgery that focuses on the area around the eyes, forehead and midface. Many of our patients request cosmetic eyelid and forehead surgery. We specialize in eyelid and facial rejuvenation using the most sophisticated invasive and noninvasive state-of-the-art techniques available. In addition we perform skin resurfacing as well as Botox, Dysport, and the full range of filler services.


Dr. Silkiss and Dr. Eliasieh provide reconstructive surgery for people with age-related eyelid conditions. These include drooping eyelids (ptosis), eyelid malposition (entropion, ectropion), and eyelash abnormalities. We treat tumors of the eyelids and orbit, trauma, congenital abnormalities, thyroid eye disease, tearing problems, and blinking difficulties (blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm).


Our practice provides comprehensive care for the eyelid, forehead and midface region. We welcome you to our office!